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Zombie Gives Back

One way Zombie creates impact and and fosters community outreach is through the “Zombie Gives Back” program.

Every month, the Zombie team works with the University of Georgia School of Social work to choose three great student- or community-run charitable organizations to be featured with a picture and description on the wall of the store.

Once the organizations have been chosen, every customer that walks into Zombie Coffee and Donuts receives a token they can use to show support for one of the three. At the end of the month, Zombie gives 5% of its monthly gross profit to the winner.

Overall, the Zombie Gives Back program has been a big success, both for educating Athens locals about great causes around town and for allowing the community itself to vote for what causes are most important to the people living there. Zombie was able to donate more than $40,000 to charities across the nation through the program in the first year alone.

Zombie hopes to increase the scope of the program to reach and help as many people as possible. If you are part of a group dedicated to creating positive change in the community and are interested in entering the Zombie Gives Back program, fill out this form on our store website.